This weekend, my friends Eden, Pratyush and I participated at Codestellation, the Brandeis innovation Hackathon hosted annually. We started off on Saturday by giving a workshop on Vertica Analytics, where we covered architecture, use cases, and our machine-learning options. The students were very excited to learn more about Databases and of Vertica specifics and how to optimally use Vertica in their projects. Over the next 48 hours the teams worked on cool projects and received help from all the mentors.

The three of us helped mentor teams, and seeing the resulting final projects was both exciting and rewarding. Hackathons are a great place to find motivated employment candidates and to spread the word about Vertica to people who might one day decide to build something big on our platform! Not to mention the rewarding experience of mentoring students who are just getting started.

Pratyush, Eden and me at Brandeis's Codestellation